Thorough Lawn Care Service in Orange County, California

For many homeowners, lawn care can feel like a full-time job. Between trimming, pruning, fertilizing, and cleaning up debris, a presentable lawn seems almost unattainable. As busy as life is in today’s fast-paced society, hiring a professional Lawn Service to manage the care and development of a property can be quite a stress relief.

The most demanding aspect of owning a property is keeping up with the growth of grass and weeds. Anyone living in a relatively moist climate can attest to the fact that lawns require mowing on a weekly basis. Letting the growth go any longer makes the yard look unkempt. Homeowners who are unable to mow consistently can bring in the comprehensive Mowing Service provided a company like Lawn Love. Each yard will be evaluated by their technicians and cut accordingly. The staff have experience with all types of terrain, weeds, and grasses and want to make sure that the method they use will improve the development of the lawn. It’s not always as simple as setting the mower to one height for the entire cut. Some areas should be trimmed by hand implements whereas others can be handled by a riding mower. Mowing patterns, edging techniques, and variations in grass blade length also factor in. When the job is complete, customers will definitely feel like they have gotten their money’s worth.


Mowing isn’t the only aspect of lawn care that can be time-consuming. Planting and tending to decorative lawn vegetation is quite a challenge. There are a lot of homeowners who lack a “green thumb” and get frustrated when their plants struggle to survive. These individuals would benefit greatly from the Gardening Service provided by Lawn Love. Not only can these professionals turn a run-down patch of plants into a lush growth of vegetation, they will also return on a regular basis to keep the plant life in prime condition. This includes trimming the shrubs, replacing old vegetation, seasonal fertilization, the removal of weeds, and employing an eco-friendly method of organic waste disposal. Homeowners can take pride in their gorgeous vegetation without having to spend hours of their precious time attempting to keep everything in proper shape.

There are many other aspects of this comprehensive Lawn Service in Orange County that make it such a helpful resource. On top of mowing and gardening, customers can request services like leaf and stick removal, one of the most wearisome yardwork processes there is. Personally raking and collecting dead leaves can cause a lot of sore muscles and waste a lot of time. Additionally, discarding tree litter may be problematic since some trash companies charge extra for yard waste or might refuse to take any at all. Fortunately, a homeowner can sign up for this service and never have to worry about cleaning up or disposing of any dead leaves before they start to damage a well-kept lawn. Hiring a full service lawn care company to thoroughly nurture a yard can take quite a burden off a homeowner’s shoulders.

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